MG 2018 Facebook Page

Follow the event via the dedicated MG 2018 Facebook page, or, if you don’t use Facebook, you can follow along on the discussions and posts by viewing the Facebook updates from this web page.

The MG Experience

Want a place to chat and make plans with your fellow MG enthusiasts for MG 2018? Don’t do Facebook?

MG Experience

We have the perfect place and are partnering with The MG Experience to provide a dedicated forum for all things MG 2018. The MG Experience is a highly regarded online MG community and chances are you’re already signed up on the site. It’s probably already your virtual MG Club! If not, please head on over to the MG Experience site and set yourself up – it’s completely free (although there are additional membership levels available). You’ll then be set to take advantage of the MG 2018 forum and all the discussions, tech tips, reference materials and MG camaraderie the site provides. See below for some of the latest topics in the forum and click on them to go straight to that message. Click on the MGE logo above or click here to go to the forum.

MG Experience MG 2018 Forum

Two Week MG Adventure?

How about a two week MG adventure this June? The North American MGA Register & The North American MGB Register have joined forces to promote our back to back conventions. GT-43 is the week before MG 2018 and less than 200 miles apart. We a talking less than a days drive. Why not do both? The NAMGAR GT-43 website is:

Joint Conventions